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This was our home for the 2005-06 academic year.

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It was built circa 1760---yes, before the country was formed---and was a stop on the underground railroad. It has a deciduous conifer on the property. There are bats in the attic. It's a cool place.

We've made individual pages with lots of photos and information about each room in the house (except the bathrooms). This includes some stories---stories the owner has told us about the history of the house, stories behind particular appliances, etc.---but most of the stories are on pages of their own, linked from the photos. MIRTH has its own page as well. We are in the process of trying to obtain historical information/documents about Topping Hollow; we'll update these pages as we go. Here is a short history of the house. Finally, a choice quote from Bob Rossi (the owner): "Hey, if you believe in ghosts... a lot of people passed through this house, some on their way to freedom. A lot of people were born in that house. Way more people were born than died in there, so the house has a really good vibe to it. The only people who had a miserable time in that house damn well deserved it!"

dining room (seen in the back left of this
photo; the back right is the living room)

first-floor bathroom (larger picture)
Recently we found a small green-with-
grey-feet toad in the bathtub.


floor plans, mudroom, basement

upstairs living room

upstairs bathroom (larger picture)

guest room

loft/office (best room in the house!)

attic, and bats!

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up to sarah-marie belcastro's home page