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Mudroom, Floor Plans, and Basement of Topping Hollow

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this is the mudroom.  see old fridge
This is the mudroom. Originally it was a sculptor's studio, added on to the house in the 20th century. Notice that fridge? It was in the library when we moved in.
mudroom, table Bob made
Here's another view of the mudroom (facing North; the previous photo was taken facing SW). This awesome table is the one that Bob made as a work table, and is pictured on the kitchen page as well.
How cool is Tom? So cool that he used Canvas to make floor plans for Topping Hollow.
This plan is of the second floor. We believe that these drawings are appropriately scaled.
Here's an old photo of the outside, so you can see where stuff described on the floor plan is. The bottom of the floor plan corresponds to the left-front of this photo.
This is what the cellar looks like. We didn't go down there very often, except to check on the oil etc., as it has a dirt floor.

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