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Topping Hollow Living Room

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note the built-in shelves.
No, it's not your imagination, the room is actually slanty. Note the built-in shelves; they slope down and to the right even more than the floor does. (Yes, there are two more shelves behind the DDR mat.) This photo is taken facing the library.
we still have a special Cat TV...
We still have a special Cat TV, located beneath our regular television. Because of the slopey-ness of the room, we had to put a couple of inches worth of shims under the stereo cabinet to make it level. That's Shark on the purple futon.
this was originally a parlor.
This room was originally a parlor. We think it was the more formal of the two downstairs parlors.
Where the iMac is, there used to be a funeral door.
The funeral door (through which bodies were brought in for wakes and such) was directly behind where the iMac is in this picture.
living room as seen from library
This photo was taken while standing in the doorway to the library. Do you love the ceiling beams, or what?These windows face South, so the plants like it here. But getting the right-hand window to open and shut properly took a few hours, because of the way the window and screen interacted with some screws...
the closet used to hide slaves.
The door on the left leads to the front hallway. We think that the brown closet was involved in the Underground Railroad activities of the house, as you'll see in the next pictures. The blue border behind the sofa is the top of yet another fireplace.
Looking inside the closet...
Let's look inside that closet...
The closet had a false back hiding another compartment
The closet had a false back (now missing) which hid another compartment!
The hidden compartment has benches
The hidden compartment has benches, on which people could sit, though it'd be cramped.
The other bench
Here's the other bench. You can see how easy it'd be to hide people, by replacing the missing plank and then shutting the closet...

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