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MAA Project NExT Panel Discussion -- Introduction to the Hiring Process: Preparation, Execution, and Follow-up

which happened at the Joint AMS-MAA Meetings in San Diego, California, January 2002

sarah-marie belcastro, Univ. of Northern Iowa / Bowdoin (email)
Dusty Sabo, Southern Oregon University (email)


Michael Boardman, Pacific University (email)
Dennis Luciano, Western New England College (email)
Mark Nielsen, University of Idaho (email)
Tamara Veenstra, University of Redlands (email)
Carolyn Yackel, Mercer University (email)

We made six handouts:

Summary of major points made by panelists (html) (.pdf)
Information Applicants may Seek from Ads (html) (.pdf)
Do's/Don'ts list for Joint Meetings interviews (html) (.pdf)
Campus interviews: What Should Be on the Schedule (html) (.pdf)
Tip List for Campus Interviews (html) (.pdf)
Guide to Non-Discriminatory Interviewing (html) (.pdf)
All Six in One File! (html) (.pdf)

We also have for you the complete script from the session, in case you want all the details: (html) (.pdf)

Michael, Mark, and Carolyn

All the panelists, and the moderators

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