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Information Applicants May Seek from Ads and Websites

Relative importance of research and teaching

Application materials (cover letter, CV, teaching statement, research statement, graduate/undergraduate transcripts, AMS cover sheet, n letters of recommendation (k on teaching))

Minimal requirements for position (Ph.D. in mathematics, statistics, mathematics education, etc.)

Research specialties preferred (are others acceptable?)

Teaching specialties preferred (are others acceptable?)

URL for department

URL for institution

Community in which institution is located

Size of school

Average class sizes

Existence of master's and/or doctoral programs in department

Salary range

Number of department members

Teaching load (how many courses? how many contact hours each?)

Type of school (liberal arts, comprehensive, engineering, etc.)

Character of the department (fun, boring, arrogant, geeky, etc.)

Types of courses offered and emphasized

Interesting teaching opportunities (capstone courses, liberal arts math courses, senior theses, etc.)

Mission of the department (if any)

Interesting outreach programs (community outreach through tutoring, involvement with high school teachers, summer programs, etc.)

Character of the school

What the students are like

What relationship faculty are expected to have with students

Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity statement

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