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The Mathematics Triple


The Mathematics Triple (Summer 2012) consisted of four weeks of intensive courses offered at the request of UMass Amherst Summer College. The instructor was dr. sarah-marie belcastro and the course assistant was Nathan Harman. Admission to the Mathematics Triple was determined mainly by performance on a challenging entrance exam. The level and intensity were comparable to selective programs such as MathCamp, SUMaC, HCSSiM, PROMYS, and the Ross Program. Each selective mathematics summer program has its own distinct atmosphere. dr. belcastro's style is to treat serious mathematics with levity, to teach via inquiry-based learning, and to maximize the quality of experience for every participant with a view toward significant academic and personal growth.

Class met for 7 hours/day Monday through Friday as well as for 3 hours over the weekend. During this time, students worked collaboratively to develop mathematical ideas and details, presented their work regularly at the board, and handed in written proofs daily. Topics in the Salmagundi & Melange course included combinatorics, graph theory, group theory, topology, and geometry. The mathematical purview of the All Dimensions, All the Time course was convex geometry in general with a focus on the study of polytopes.

Issues of the Mathematics Triple Record, written by the students:

July 13th Academic Portion
Social Portion (password protected)

July 20th Academic Portion
Social Portion (password protected)

July 27th Academic Portion
Social Portion (password protected)

August 3rd Academic Portion
Social Portion and Supplement (password protected)


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