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Selected Puzzle Resources

Okay, so this isn't about all kinds of puzzles---it's really about mathematical puzzles, and there's a focus on puzzles that I like (particularly wooden polyhedral dissection puzzles).

Puzzle Information:

Interlocking Puzzle Index (PuzzleWorld)
Ed Pegg's math puzzles
The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections by Stewart Coffin

Amazing Puzzles to look at:

Wayne Daniel's Puzzles
Michael Toulouzas' Puzzles
Puzzlewood Gallery
George Hart's Puzzles

Places to Play with Puzzles:

clickmazes (hosts a collection of Oskar VanDeventer puzzles)

Places to Buy Interesting Puzzles and/or Really Nice Puzzles:

Binary Arts (now called ThinkFun)
Bart Buie's Stewart Coffin Puzzles
Puzzle Palace
Cubic Dissection (also has forums and a gallery)
Tessellations and MathArtFun
Bill Cutler Puzzles, Inc.
Mr. Puzzle Australia
Puzzle Master Inc.

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