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Publication List as of February 2021: sarah-marie belcastro

Work in process or under review is not listed here.

Mathematics Research Papers:

Color-induced subgraphs dual to Hamilton cycles of embedded cubic graphs, Australas. J. Combin. 81(2) (2021), 319--333. (open access)

Color-induced subgraphs of Grünbaum colorings of triangulations, with R. Haas, Australas. J. Combin. 79(3) (2021), 461--475. (open access)

Parsimonious edge colorings on surfaces, Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications, 6(2) (2018), 306--309. (open access)

Edge-Kempe-equivalence graphs of class 1 k-regular graphs, with R. Haas, Australasian J. Combinatorics 69(2) (2017), 197--214. (open access)

Small snarks and 6-chromatic triangulations on the Klein bottle, Australasian J. Combinatorics, 65(3) (2016), 232--250. (open access)

An Elementary Computation of the Conway Polynomial for (m,3) and (m,4) Torus Links, with D. Rowland, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, 96 (February 2016), 159--170.

Triangle-free Uniquely 3-Edge Colorable Cubic Graphs, with R. Haas, Contributions to Discrete Math. 10(2) (2015), 39--44. (open access)

Counting edge-Kempe-equivalence classes for 3-edge-colored cubic graphs, with R. Haas, Discrete Mathematics, 325 (28 June 2014), 77--84. (find it on the arXiv)

1-factor Covers of Regular Graphs, with M. Young, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 159(5) March 2011, 281--287. (open archive)

Grünbaum Colorings of Toroidal Triangulations, with M. O. Albertson, H. Alpert, and R. Haas, Journal of Graph Theory, 63(1) January 2010, 68--81. (find it on the arXiv)

Every Topological Surface Can Be Knit: A Proof, Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, 3(2) June 2009, 67--83.

Families of Dot-Product Snarks on Orientable Surfaces of Low Genus, with J. Kaminski, Graphs and Combinatorics. 23(3) June 2007, 229--240.

Modelling the Folding of Paper into Three Dimensions, with T.C. Hull. Linear Algebra and Its Applications. 348 (2002), 273--282. (open archive)

Picard Lattices of Families of K3 Surfaces, Communications in Algebra. 30(1) , 61--82 (2002). (find it on the arXiv)

A Mathematical Model for Non-Flat Origami, with T.C. Hull, in Origami3: Third International Meeting of Origami, Science, Mathematics and Education, A K Peters, Ltd. (2002), 39--51. (also appears in the Japanese edition; not all papers were included.)

Classifying Frieze Patterns Without Using Groups, with T.C. Hull. The College Mathematics Journal, 33(2) March 2002, 93--98.

Counting Centralizers in Finite Groups, with G. J. Sherman. Mathematics Magazine 67 (1994), 366--374.

Counting Centralizers in Finite Groups, with G. J. Sherman, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Technical Report Series, Mathematics, MS TR 91-04

Additional Refereed/Invited Publications:

Discrete Mathematics with Ducks, textbook, 2nd ed. CRC Press (2018); 1st ed. A K Peters (2012).

Knitting Torus Knots and Links, chapter in Figuring Fibers, asst. ed., chief ed. C. Yackel, AMS (2018).

Ask Questions to Encourage Questions Asked, PRIMUS, 27(2), 2017, 171--178.

Do the Twist! (on polygon-base boxes), with T. Veenstra, The College Math. J., 47(5) November 2016, 340--345.

Symmetric Colorings of Polypolyhedra, with T. Hull, Origami6 1: Mathematics, AMS (2015), 21--31.

Student Handbook for Discrete Mathematics with Ducks: SRRSLEH (Student Reference, Review, Supplemental Learning, and Example Handbook), A K Peters/CRC Press 2015.

Adventures in Mathematical Knitting. American Scientist, 101(2), March-April 2013, 124--133; reprinted in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2014, Ed. Mircea Pitici, Princeton University Press, pp. 128--143.

The Continuing Saga of Snarks. The College Math. J., 43(1) January 2012, 82--87; reprinted in Martin Gardner in the Twenty-First Century, ed. Michael Henle and Brian Hopkins (2012), 65--71.

Cutting Space into Regions with Four Planes. Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Dancing Mathematics and the Mathematics of Dance, with K. Schaffer. Math Horizons, February 2011, pp. 16--20. reprinted in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012, Ed. Mircea Pitici, Princeton University Press, pp. 79--92.

Crafting by Concepts, book edited with C. Yackel, A K Peters (2011).

Generalized Helix Striping, chapter
Group Actions in Cross-stitch, chapter with M. Shepherd and C. Yackel
Spherical Symmetries of Temari, chapter with C. Yackel

Constructing Regular n-gonal Twist Boxes, with T. Veenstra, Origami4, A K Peters (2009), 41--49.

Knitting Hyperbolic Pants, Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

The Seven-Colored Torus: mathematically interesting and nontrivial to construct, with C. Yackel, pp. 25–32 in Homage to a Pied Puzzler, ed. by Ed Pegg, Jr., Alan H. Schoen, and Tom Rodgers, A K Peters (2009).

A Conversation with Erik Demaine, with T. Hull, Math Horizons February 2009.

(K)Not cables, braids, with A. Szczepanski and C. Yackel Mitt. Dtsch. Math.-Ver. 16 (2008), no. 1, 26–34.

(K)Not cables, braids, with A. Szczepanski and C. Yackel EMS newsletter, Issue 70, December 2008, pp. 19–25.

Making Mathematics with Needlework, book edited with C. Yackel, A K Peters (2007).

Introduction (survey of the field), with C. Yackel
Only Two Knit Stitches Can Create a Torus, chapter
(K)Not Cables, Braids, chapter with A. Szczepanski and C. Yackel
Stop Those Pants!, chapter with C. Yackel

About Knitting, with C. Yackel, Math Horizons November 2006, pp. 24-27+39.

To include more students, don't focus on contests---prepare for mathematics!, February 2004 Mathematics Teacher, Vol. 97 Issue 2, 84--86.

Interpretations of Feminist Philosophy of Science by Feminist Physical Scientists, with J. M. Moran, NWSA Journal, 15 (1) Spring 2003, 20--33.

The Devil is in the Culture: Why You Should Read The Number Devil and other Musings on Mathematical Education and Culture, with A.Howard, Math Horizons November 2002, 16--20 +29.

Active Learning in Abstract Algebra: An Arsenal of Techniques, with L. Burton and M. McDermott, in Innovations in Teaching Abstract Algebra, MAA Notes 60, MAA, 2002, 3--9.

A Teaching Discussion Group in Your Department---It Can Happen, with D. Shaw and D. Thiessen, College Teaching. 50 (1),Winter 2002, 29--33.

The Cantor Set Contains 1/4? Really?, with M. Green, The College Mathematics Journal, 32 (1) 2001, 60--61.

Other Publications:

Quick Craft—Modified Circular Needles, CRAFT: magazine, vol. 1, issue 2, Winter 2007.

What Will They Do This Summer?, with M. Bernstein, FOCUS May/June 2005, 29.

Book Review: Feminist Science Studies: A New Generation, AWM Newsletter, 32 (4) July-August 2002, 7 - 12.

You Do the Math, KnitNet feature article, November 2001

Finding your Second Job: A Summary, with M. Prophet, FOCUS May/June 2000

Finding your Second Job, with M. Prophet, Concerns of Young Mathematicians,Vol. 8, Issue 2, February 2000

Commentary: The Job Market vs. the Employment Center, in Concerns of Young Mathematicians,Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2000

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