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Female mathematicians who have been known to have teal hair:

sarah-marie belcastro
Algebraic Geometry, Ph.D. U. Michigan 1997
Undergrad: Haverford College
Director, MathILy

Eva Curry
Multidimensional Wavelet Theory, Ph.D. Rutgers 2005
Undergrad: University of Maine, Orono
Associate Professor, Acadia University

Lauren DeDieu
Algebraic Geometry, Ph.D. McMasters University 2016
Undergrad: Cape Breton University
Postdoc, University of Minnesota

Indigo Esmonde
Algebraic Number Theory, M.A., McGill U.
Equity in Mathematics Education, Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley 2006
Assistant Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U. Toronto
author of Springer GTM 190 Problems in Algebraic Number Theory

Rebecca Field
Algebraic Geometry, Ph.D. U. Chicago 2000
Undergrad: Bowdoin College
Associate Professor, James Madison University

Bonita Graham
Algebraic Number Theory, Ph.D. Wesleyan University 2014
Undergrad: SUNY Oswego
Assistant Actuary

Eva Infeld
Probabilistic Combinatorics, Ph.D. Dartmouth 2016
Undergrad: King's College London + Cambridge Part III
Postdoc, Ryerson University

Jessie Jamieson
Calculus of Variations and PDEs, Ph.D. expected University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Undergrad: East Tennessee State University
graduate student

Evelyn Lamb
Teichmueller Theory, Ph.D. Rice University 2012
Undergrad: Baylor University
freelance writer

Ada Morse
Topological Graph Theory, Ph.D. expected University of Vermont
Undergrad: SUNY Potsdam
graduate student

Alexandra Pettet
Geometric Group Theory, Ph.D. U Chicago 2006
Undergrad: U Toronto
Faculty, University of British Columbia

Manda Riehl
Algebraic and enumerative combinatorics, Ph.D. UC San Diego 2008
Undergrad: MIT
Associate Professor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Kim Roth
Dynamical Systems, Ph.D. Penn State University 2002
Undergrad: Oberlin
Associate Professor, Juniata College

Katie Steckles
Topology and dynamical systems, Ph.D. University of Manchester 2011
Undergrad: University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Outreach Speaker, Think Maths

Laura Taalman
Algebraic Geometry, Ph.D. Duke University 2000
Undergrad: U. Chicago
Professor, James Madison University

Felicia Tabing
Algebraic Topology, Ph.D. UC-Santa Cruz 2015
Undergrad: UC-Santa Cruz
Lecturer, University of Southern California

...if you know of anyone else, be sure to let us know!

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