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Here are some things my college students have made....

Sara Hertzberg made this honeycomb of hexagons and squares in Dimensionality (Fall 2008) at Sarah Lawrence College.

Rowland Halkett made a device that shows various shadows of a cube skeleton. This mimicked a technique of artist Tony Robbin for displaying in two dimensions the rotation of a 4-dimensional cube around a plane. (For Dimensionality, Fall 2008, at Sarah Lawrence College.)

This was a project Kara Torres did for Dimensionality, Smith College, Spring 2007. The description is on the lid of the box that contained the models.

Anna Sturgeon and Paul VanWagner made this toroidal checker-board (complete with pieces!) as part of Mathematical Perspectives: Visual Math (May 2004) at Xavier University.

There are eight triangles surrounding each vertex in this bit of hyperbolic space that Jeffrey Solomon made... this was done in conjunction with Mathematical Perspectives: Dimensionality (April 2004) at Xavier University.

Tetrahedral frame with Jon Fretheim and Aaron Howard, November 1999 (this eventually became Five Intersecting Tetrahedra) at the University of Northern Iowa.

Bob Vrba made a foil buckyball and a Butterfly Ball, April 2000, University of Northern Iowa.

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